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Leopoldo Narciso Jr.: Great amazing pictures and the music just adds quiet a great touch to the beautiful pictures to show the emotions going on in every pic! 11/29/10 7:48PM

Hannah Maxwell: Truly stunning and captures the atmosphere and story of the day so accurately. An incredibly emotive indelible memory for Joel and Michelle to share for generations to come. Beautiful ! 11/29/10 5:46PM

melina juan: Sooo absolutely amazing!!! Exquisite job showing off the BeST wedding EVER!!! Can't wait to see the rest!!! 11/29/10 5:11PM

Scott Peckerman: Wow you guys always impress!!! 11/27/10 10:37PM

joel: awesome. thanks again for so beautifully capturing september 3rd. you guys are simply the best. joel 11/27/10 10:27AM

Rosie Rosales: Truly stunning photographic storytelling! These images artistically articulate the events of the day. Fantastic work; very inspiring. PS - It probably didn't hurt to have such a wonderful couple to shoot :) 11/25/10 8:14PM

Ari: Seriously, you guys are amazing. I really hope you guys are a speaker at FC11. 11/25/10 6:29PM

Rhoda Rosales: FABULOUS and FANTASTIC! There aren't any other words to describe how amazing these wedding pics! I'm booking you guys if I ever get married. 11/25/10 5:14PM

Michelle: Honestly guys - you NEVER fail to impress! I'm reliving some of the happiest moments of my life vivdly looking at these amazing photos. I'm soooo glad we found you! xoxoxoxo 11/25/10 12:21AM