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runa: Beautiful pics. 3/27/11 12:19AM

Gary: I am an even bigger hairy cave troll! 3/21/11 7:57PM

Gianx: Awesome. I am a hairy cave troll! 3/21/11 1:17PM

k: Love the picks! Nice Job Stak! 3/16/11 10:45AM

sara: LOVE THEM 3/15/11 5:36PM

Gary Traverson, Sr.: I am VERY impressed by your work! You've captured the emotion of this joyous day beautifully! Thank you very much! 3/15/11 3:07PM

David: Some mighty fine pics guys, congrats again! 3/15/11 9:27AM

Matt: so good! congratulations, you two! 3/14/11 9:24PM

Nancy and Dave: What a great photo! Shows just how much fun we all were having! 3/14/11 8:18PM

Dad: Fantastic Pix 3/14/11 7:19PM

The bestest sister ever: Pics look great! I look so holy praying in that one...I can see the halo. Can't wait to see the rest =) 3/14/11 5:57PM

Sean: pics look great! ps can we do that again, that was a blast! 3/14/11 1:39PM

Gary: They look wonderful. Thank you so much! 3/14/11 12:12PM

Sarah: awesome photos for an amazing night! can't wait to see the rest! :) 3/14/11 10:48AM

Katy: These are so perfect! I feel like you captured the spirit of our wedding in every one. Thanks so much... we can't wait to see the rest! 3/14/11 10:27AM

mom: beautiful photos. We love You guys. Mom & Dad 3/14/11 10:15AM