620 Loft and Garden Wedding Photos

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620 loft and garden wedding
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620 Loft and Garden is a spectacular rooftop venue that boasts stunning views of Fifth Avenue and the pinnacles of St. Patrick's Cathedral from a lush historic garden, complete with a reflective pool and fountain. 

The outdoor space can be tented to shield your party from the weather without blocking views of the city.

Or you can choose to transform the indoor loft, which hosts up to 120 seated guests and has floor to ceiling windows overlooking New York landmarks that flood the place with light while you're enjoying landmarks like the Prometheus statue, Rockefeller Plaza, and the marquee of Radio City Music Hall.  620 Loft & Garden is perfect for weddings with 125 people or less, and as a NYC wedding photographer, I've shot there before and am very familiar with how to use the intimate space. 

Once you see the venue 620 Loft and Garden, you may recognize it as it's used in many films, including one of my recent favorite shows, Daredevil.  

Address: 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112 USA 
Phone: 212-632-5000