City Hall Weddings

city hall wedding photographer

Almost every couple who is having a marriage ceremony in nyc has to come here, City Hall!  

I have photographed many couples as a City Hall wedding photographer.  I'm very familiar with the wedding ceremony process, and know my ins and outs of City Hall Office of the City Clerk.  I recommend a 2 hour session for city hall marriage ceremonies.  I would meet you outside.  We go in for about an hour for the ceremony and paperwork, and then I know all the best locations to take wedding photos nearby (and where to avoid!).

In addition to being your city hall wedding photographer, I can be your witness as well :)

The process is quick.  Before you have your ceremony, you must file for a marriage license.  It's a 24 hour process.  It cost $35 to obtain the registration.  And your marriage ceremony at City Hall will cost $25. 

You must bring your ID.

The address to use for your Uber or Lyft is  141 Worth Street for the City Clerk’s Office.

And if you forget to bring flowers, don't worry because there are always street vendors selling bouquets outside!  And after your ceremony, we can take photos, walk to the Brooklyn Bridge, and celebrate for the first time being officially married!!