Indian Wedding Photographer

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I have always loved being an Indian wedding photographer, and I have been honored to photograph Indian weddings all over the world, including two in India! Traditional Indian weddings are full of rituals, starting a few days before the actual ceremony. One should expect to be amazed when attending such a celebration, watching the groom arrive on a horse or elephant, the flower garland exchange between the bride and groom as a sign of acceptance, the sacred fire lit by the priest around which the pair walks for seven times, or the vivid colors and opulent gold jewelry they wear that are simply mind-blowing from a photographer’s perspective. Indian weddings are normally celebrated with hundreds of guests, lots of great music, wild dancing and tasty food. These parties are out of this world, as families and friends join together for uninterrupted hours of fun. Everything is big, impressive and lavish, so if you want to witness an explosion of color and archaic rituals, make sure you get invited to an Indian wedding. It will be something you never forget!

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