Korean Weddings

Korean weddings are deeply rooted in ancient traditions that many couples still love to follow nowadays.

The bride can have up to three outfit changes, including the classic white gown for the actual ceremony, and the hanbok, the traditional Korean wedding attire usually worn for paebek - the final ceremony where couples receive blessings from their parents. During this secondary ceremony, parents play different games with the couple, including throwing dried dates that the bride has to catch with her skirt. In Korean tradition this fruit is a symbol of children.

The key colors in Korean weddings are red and blue, symbolizing the female and the male (yin and yang) united in supreme harmony. Geese and ducks are another important symbol (once gifted alive, today they are commonly carved in wood), being offered by grooms to their mothers-in-law as a symbol of their monogamous and loyal nature.

The reception dinner offers guests a delicious traditional menu that often incorporates western dishes, as well. Korean weddings usually include money as gifts, but close friends also choose to offer the couple more personal gifts.

My advice, if you get the chance to attend a Korean wedding, is to do it without thinking twice! You will simply love their customs and the way they like to party :)

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