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Adrienne + Josh

Guastavino's Wedding

Each time I meet a couple, I am eager to find out what their chosen venue is. From chic city restaurants to rustic farm houses, people pick their dream setting to witness their love, and for me it is always a thrill to discover it. 

Adrienne and John, who met in Israel on a birthright trip and had their first kiss by the Jordan river while screaming peacocks were hopelessly trying to interrupt the moment, celebrated their Jewish wedding at Guastavino’s Restaurant in New York.  

Located under the famous Queensboro Bridge, this hidden gem was a big surprise with its Catalan vaulted ceiling, grand arches, and tiled columns that made the setting look intimate and elegant. 

Adrienne originally wanted a garden wedding, but once they picked Guastavino's as their venue, they decided to create their own garden indoors.  The décor took a great deal of preparations, with the huge chuppah adorned with flowers and leaves that made the venue look almost surreal, like an enchanted forest under the bridge. Adrienne looked splendid in her mermaid lace gown and huge veil, complementing the dreamy setting. The atmosphere was amazing: guests danced into the night, and Josh surprised everyone with his unexpected dance moves when he literally threw himself on the floor spinning like a pro.

Another whimsical element was their white wedding cake decorated with a cascading peony garland that looked almost too beautiful to eat. Great atmosphere created by beautiful, happy people.

It was a tremendous opportunity for me to participate in such a beautiful celebration with Adrienne and Josh.  See it for yourselves by clicking the slideshow above.

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