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Adrienne + Jonathan

Andaz Hotel Wedding

I am constantly blown away as a New York City wedding photographer, and shooting Adrienne and Jonathan’s big day at the Andaz Hotel Midtown gave me new opportunities to capture the unique charm of NYC. 

Being a NYC wedding photographer, I fully understand that empire state of mind, and my photos illustrate just that. Knowing how much they loved their city, I did my best to capture its greatness: the majestic skyscrapers, its hustle and bustle, and the romantic skyline, with a hint of the boundless dreams this place is known for. 

Adrienne and Jonathan were surrounded by family and friends, with a special mention going to their beyond cute French bulldog Baguette who was probably the most chill wedding guest on the day. 

Adrienne, the no-frills, minimalist bride wore the simplest open back mermaid dress and a gracious updo (for all you ladies who prefer simple things, this is another reminder that less is more), while her beau donned a sharp black tux. 

The couple went for an intimate dinner where guests were seated together at long tables chatting and laughing out loud throughout the evening. With its eclectic contemporary style and curated art, the Andaz 5th Avenue locked in the essence of Manhattan allowing these newlyweds to express their personal style.

There was dancing (lots of it!), singing, and a general state of utter happiness which made everyone forget there was a photographer around allowing me to document such amazing energy. 

Every time I shoot a wedding, I try to capture not only the couple, but their loved ones just as much because I want to show what a damn good time everyone had. 

My natural candid style aims to highlight all the qualities that make each bride and groom unique and my ultimate purpose is to capture real moments that will allow my clients to relive their wedding day again and again over time. 

I wish Adrienne and Jonathan a lifetime of happiness, but I will also selfishly wish for a lifelong friendship between the three of us.  I could not be more grateful for allowing me to join their celebration. I absolutely loved every second of it!

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