L'Abbaye de Nizelles Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography L'Abbaye de Nizelles
Wedding Photographer L'Abbaye de Nizelles
Wedding photos in L'Abbaye de Nizelles
A wedding in L'Abbaye de Nizelles

Anne Sophie + Aubry

L'Abbaye de Nizelles Wedding

It's amazing how the world works. I first met Anne-Sophie's family in Goa, India while shooting SK + Mathias' wedding. This was my first European wedding in Belgium and definitely an unforgettable experience. Their wedding reception was in a monastery that was so remote, we were told no taxi or GPS would know how to navigate the roads to get there, so we needed to follow the locals. In the morning, as Aubry went to the salon, Anne-Sophie was getting ready at home enjoying some very delicious stuffed Belgian waffle. They got married at their local church and after a few turns on the scenic country road passing by farms and bridges, we all arrived at their beautiful wedding reception at the Abbye de Nizelles monastery near Brussels, Belgium. Although it was an adventurous 19-hour wedding day, the night flew by quickly. Since the wedding was in French, and even though we couldn't understand the words being spoken, their reception was about as touching as anything I have seen. There was not a dry eye in the room. Anne-Sophie + Aubry: It has been such an amazing experience celebrating with you and meeting your family. Thank you so much for the good times. 

Ceremony location: Eglise Paroissiale de St Georges, Rue Albert Ier, Belgium
Reception wedding location: L'Abbaye de Nizelles, Chemin de Nizelles 1, Belgium

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