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Erin + Andrea

Bottino Wedding

Getting to witness and document such beautiful events as Erin and Andrea’s wedding at the welcoming Bottino restaurant was a privilege. The union of these two wonderful ladies proves that “if you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello”. So when destiny sent love their way once again they took the chance to seal it with their “I dos”.

I truly enjoyed every second spent photographing the easy going Erin and Andrea. They were great fun to capture and provided me with priceless inspiration that day. Their happy smiles lit up every street we walked on, and their public affection towards each other made every shot even more precious. Since the venue they chose was in the neighborhood, we walked around the Highline and Chelsea for photos and, as usual, the area offered an outstanding backdrop. New York worked its magic once again adding its metropolitan-cool charm to their wedding photos forever. 

The ceremony and wedding reception were both held at the cozy Bottino Restaurant, a go-to destination for Italian cuisine lovers.

The ceremony was brightened by the officiant’s rainbow colored dress, a great way to celebrate gay pride and same sex weddings. Both Erin and Andrea’s sons attended the wedding ceremony (wearing smart suits and ties and matching grown-up boutonnieres) and it was great to see their sunny faces as they were witnessing their moms’ joy on such an important day.

The wedding was intimate and the atmosphere was laid-back. Everyone looked genuinely happy and I could tell how much people cared about the two ladies by their speeches (Erin giving her speech together with her son was probably the most emotional moment that day).

Another beautiful glimpse I got to capture was the cutting of the cake with the brides putting frosting on each other’s faces. I always enjoy this highlight of the reception because the tension is finally gone and everyone is so incredibly relaxed. Oh, and by the way, their rose-adorned cake was the most delicious piece of red velvet perfection I have ever photographed.

This was the day when Erin and Andrea closed the door to their past, opened the door to their future, and stepped through a new life. Check out some of my favorite photos above. 

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