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Wedding Photographer Bowery Hotel
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A wedding in Bowery Hotel

Melanie + Alexander

Bowery Hotel Wedding

From Mel & Alex:

"Steven was the perfect choice for our wedding. He asked the right questions leading up to the day so that that everything went well without our having to think about the photography. His assistant was fantastic and meant that we weren't worried about things being missed when there were multiple things happening. From the moment he arrived while we were getting ready, until the DJ played the last song, Steven managed to have the perfect balance of being everywhere and getting all the shots but not being intrusive at all. What really sealed the deal was when we saw the photos and they were beyond what we could have imagined. So good!"

From me:

The story of this couple is classic and so sweet: Melanie and Alex are both fans of ultimate Frisbee. It’s the end of summer tournament on a hot day in NYC. Players are tired and sweaty, just chatting about nothing in small groups. Melanie and Alex realize they have actually been noticing each other all summer, but never had a conversation together. 

While their friends are making their way to the bar for celebrations, the couple just sits and talks as the party flows around them. They can only focus on each other, and in fact, they leave the bar together knowing for a fact that this is the beginning of something very important. Beautiful, right? 

Melanie and Alex celebrated their big day at their dream venue - the New York Bowery Hotel. The place charmed them with its mix of class, warmth and vintage style, and it was everything they could wish for.

The ceremony setting was gorgeous, a dark romantic setting. Nonetheless, I loved playing with this feature and managed to pull subjects out from dark backgrounds adding a touch of mystery and romance to my photos.  With the right lighting, low light ceremonies CAN create amazing shots, so no need to worry about this if you are having a low light wedding. 

I loved shooting Alex and Melanie with their honest emotions when they first saw each other, while saying their “I do’s”, during their first dance, etc. I believe that capturing true moments during the wedding is way more powerful than any type of posed photo, so I just let my clients be themselves, using as little direction as possible.

Melanie and Alex brought amazing energy to the party (the bride even ditched her gown for a comfortable jumpsuit that allowed her to move freely on the dancefloor). It was fun getting in there and capturing all the highlights on that dancefloor, which means you will be seeing a lot of shots of happy, uninhibited people having a blast... it was fun to document!

Melanie and Alex, thank you for allowing me the privilege of documenting your wedding at the Bowery Hotel. Exploring all the fun hidden parts of the hotel for photo ops was a bonus to witnessing the love that surrounds you as a couple.

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