Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Wedding Photographer Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Wedding photos in Brooklyn Botanic Garden
A wedding in Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Jen + Phil

Stunning Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding Photos

When Jen met Phil for the first time she was instantly attracted to… the guy’s beard (scientists have indeed proved that women consider men with full beards to be better long-term relationship material than clean shaven guys, so the lady had a good point). 

Little did Phil know when he shaved just before the second date, that he would have to work extra hard to keep impressing Jen. Luckily, he managed to pull a bar trick and earned himself a third date with her. The next time they met, Phil scored major points. He introduced Jen to Chewie, his golden doodle, and she fell in love in no time. She eventually fell for Phil, too, but only after he had regrown his beard. And that is exactly how I got to photograph this gorgeous couple at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on their big day.

I am always excited to find out the location where I am going to shoot the next wedding because every venue offers unique and interesting details that I want to include in my photographs, whether it’s the elegant architecture of a mansion, charming details in a cozy restaurant, or the lush nature surrounding a venue. And speaking of nature, the location Jen and Phil chose for their wedding day was everything I could ever wish for. One of New York’s most treasured landmarks, Brooklyn Botanic was a lush oasis of dramatic trees (check out the spectacular autumnal foliage!) and pastoral lawns. After a romantic outdoor ceremony, the party moved to the iconic Palm House, an exquisite glass-walled structure where guests dined and danced beneath a custom-made chandelier.

Looking at Jen and Phil, tons of clichés came to mind, like “they were made for each other” because they looked so perfectly perfect together. Jen was breathtaking in her flattering wedding gown with those delicate strands of hair beautifully framing her face and a big smile that screamed pure joy, while Phil, dapper and super-groomed, kept gazing at his lady in the sweetest way possible (his expression when Jen walks towards him down the aisle speaks a thousand words of love).

You know what they say: “True love is like a beard. It never ends. It grows”. 

My congratulations go out to Jen and Phil for not only tying the knot, but for doing it in such a wonderfully whimsical and unique way that was true to them. Well done, you two, and thank you for selecting me to document it.

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