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Wedding Photography Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Wedding Photographer Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Wedding photos in Brooklyn Botanic Garden
A wedding in Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Rita + Andrew

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding Photographer

It was with a whisper (literally) that Andrew used to get Rita to marry him at the beautiful Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

The couple “met” online, and after being rained in together through Hurricane Sandy for nine days, they stayed together ever since sharing similar values and appreciating each other’s differences.

Since their relationship was going strong, Rita kept waiting for that marriage proposal. She waited, and waited, but Andrew needed more time to get things in order before popping the question. It all happened when Rita least expected it (1. she hates surprises; 2. she always feared she would not have perfect hair and nails when he proposed), in the Whispering Gallery at Grand Central, a popular place for murmured marriage proposals. Andrew caught Rita completely by surprise and whispered the much-awaited question while, for a split second, Rita feared she looked terrible on that historic moment.

Rita is really drawn to Andrew's even keeled demeanor, desire to grow intellectually and challenge himself, and desire to protect and provide for those he loves. And Andrew appreciates that she is a warm, expressive, generous, and self-confident woman. They are both independent, have lived internationally on a couple of occasions, and love to experience different cultures. Their similar values and respect and love of their differences provides the reassurance that they want to go through life together as a family.

Rita and Andrew's beautiful wedding was celebrated on July 4 in the magnificent décor of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  With a sweet mix of pink-clad flower girls, tears of joy, flowers majestically floating from the ceiling in the Palm House, emotional speeches, a father/daughter dance to a song Rita’s dad wrote for her when she was born, the Stak-Booth, lots of wild dancing, and a double decker ride back home, their wedding had everything you could possibly ask for.  One of the hightlights of the night was watching both families merge together to sing Country Roads. Their families integrated so well that it was impossible to tell who was part of Andrew's side and who was on Rita's side.  And last but not least, I can't forget to mention that Rita’s mom’s baked over 2000 delicious cookies for the guests to eat and take home for desserts (you will never guess how long that took to bake!). 

Rita and Andrew were excited, happy, and enjoyed every minute of their July 4h wedding, and this is exactly what makes a wedding a complete joy for me to photograph. I'm so thankful to have been entrusted with documenting it all, and just for being invited along to the celebration!

Wedding Dress: Yumi Katsura
Headpieces/veil: Veil- Peter Langer
Bride's Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Groom's Attire: Burberry Tuxedo
Musicians/Band/DJ: 74 EVENTS - Duane
Videographer: 15 MINUTES OF FRAME
Makeup Artist: GLAMSQUAD
Hairdresser: GLAMSQUAD
Officiant: REV. JIM ROONEY
Invitations: Freebird Paperie
Groomsmen Attire: Vera Wang
Bride's Flats: Yosi Samura
Groomsmen's Shoes: Hugo Boss
Menus, Programs: Lees Art Shop
Getting Ready Hotel: ANDAZ WALL STREET
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