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Ashley + Miles

Brooklyn Winery Wedding

Throughout Ashley and Miles’s wedding I inexplicably felt that time stood still more than once at the uniquely chic Brooklyn Winery. It happened the moment Miles saw his bride in her princess-y gown for the first time, when Ashley walked down the aisle arm in arm with her father, or while the couple cuddled on a sumptuous vintage sofa after their ceremony. 

Love stories can begin anywhere. Ashley and Miles’s began at Cornell University. They were in the same business fraternity and they fell in love, and suddenly all the love songs were about each other. Ashley admires Miles for his thoughtfulness and how he strives to be better all the time. He likes Ashley’s drive and determination, and the fact that she will never take no for an answer. Relationship goals. 

Since these guys are avid foodies (their rehearsal dinner at the exquisite Eleven Madison Park says it all), their only option was a wedding venue with food and wine that the guests would rave about long after the wedding.  So they went for the sweet and cozy Brooklyn Winery. Mission accomplished. Their guests are still raving about the excellent dishes and the artisanal wines today. 

Set in the heart of Williamsburg, the boutique urban winery served as a warm yet sophisticated backdrop for this beautiful wedding.  I believe, one can only love a space with wine barrels used as cocktail tables, vintage china, repurposed wood walls and 22-foot ceilings. 

Happy girls really are the prettiest and, judging by how radiant Ashley was, I would say she was beyond ecstatic. From the moment she had her first wedding dress on (she slipped into a strappy column gown later on) to the end of the wedding, Ashley charmed everyone with her smile. I should also mention her wild dance moves, as she must be one of the most energetic brides I have ever shot. Man, you should have seen the lady killing it on that dancefloor!

They say no one can measure how much love the heart can hold. I believe Ashley and Miles’s hearts hold a whole lot of love and I am pretty sure they will have a marriage even more beautiful than their wedding (and their wedding was amazing!). 

Check out the highlights from their wedding photos above.  Ashley and Miles, thank you for opening up your lives to me. I can’t tell you how many times throughout the day, from the getting ready macaroons in the morning to the booty-shaking at night, I told myself “I love these people!” You and your friends have something very special and I'm honoured to have been able to document that for you.


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