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Wedding Photography Brooklyn Winery
Wedding Photographer Brooklyn Winery
Wedding photos in Brooklyn Winery
A wedding in Brooklyn Winery

Yeonhee + Phil

Beautiful Wedding Photos in Brooklyn Winery

Yeonhee and Phil’s Brooklyn Winery wedding had a special feel from start to finish.

It may have been the couple’s pure and authentic emotions, the rustic yet romantic venue filled with reclaimed wood and chic adornments, or that fantastic wine that also spread its fair share of magic. Whatever it was, the day was epic. 

They met on OKcupid (another online dating success story!) and chatted a lot right from the start. On their first date, they went for dinner and a movie in the city. The chemistry was all there. Off the record, Phil was positively surprised that Yeonhee was taller than he imagined. Then came their second date. After goodbyes at the train station, Yeonhee went to meet her friends for dinner, while Phil took the train back home. He thought about texting his date, so he sent her the following: “I love you have fun with your friends”, instead of “I hope you have fun with your friends”. He was sure he screwed up big time, and hearing from Yeonhee only a couple of hours later, made that train ride the longest of his life. Between you and me, I bet he does not regret that typo for one second today. 

Close friends and family shared in Yeonhee and Phil’s happiness and celebrated their love on their wedding day. The ceremony took place in Brooklyn Winery's stunning Atrium, an airy space with a glass roof and hanging succulent wall garden, and got pretty emotional - the lots-of-tissues kind of emotional, especially for the groom. But there were also moments of laughter and serenity, which made it just perfect. 

Every time Phil set eyes on his bride (whether for their first look photos, while she was walking down the aisle, or just randomly), we saw sparks fly. The reception was intimate and relaxed, with amazing food (a key element for both bride and groom who are great foodies), carefree dancing, and touching father/daughter and mother/son dances. 

Everyone fell hard for the Brooklyn Winery. The venue was quite unusual and it definitely had the wow factor to impress the couple’s guests. 

If you want an attractive and intimate setting for your wedding, I’d say go for it. The photo ops are endless and very special. And again, the food, wine, and butter is to die for!

It was such a pleasure to take wedding photos at Brooklyn Winery once for this wonderful couple to eternalize a memorable celebration. I loved getting to know the wedding party, and witnessing the friendships that have made both Yeonhee and Phil who they are.

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