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Rosie + Sarah

Same Sex City Hall NY Wedding

Whoever says fairy tales are not for grown-ups should think again.

The day I had the huge privilege to witness Rosie and Sarah’s wedding I understood that anyone can live their own fairy tale. The way they met was strange and magical in itself, because it happened… in a dream. Even if they already knew each other, Rosie and Sarah did not feel connected until they actually dreamed about each other. They like to say they met in a “curious” Alice in Wonderland kind of dream (seriously, how many of us met our better halves in such a whimsical way?) and THEY decided where THEIR dream would go from there. That’s when they foolishly fell in love with each other.

The gorgeous ladies celebrated their big day in New York with a private ceremony at the City Hall followed by a sweet picnic in the park together with their dog Prince and Maggie, their maid of honor.

The whole event was fun and laid-back. Since Rosie and Sarah have a mutual love for sour keys, they used one as a ring holder in the ceremony. Prince showed off his festive mood by wearing a flattering, checkered tie for the picnic, while the brides looked glamorous in their wedding dresses complemented by matching bouquets.
Another funny highlight of the day: Rosie and Sarah did not have any money on them to pay for their marriage licence so their maid of honor, Maggie, was the one who paid for their wedding.

Rosie and Sarah, I'm so happy to see the two of you married and happy. Thank you for trusting me completely with your photos. 

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