Divya + KP

Gujarat, India

When Divya & KP told me they would like to fly us to Mumbai and then drive us to Gujarat to photograph their wedding celebration in their village, I knew it was going to be one of the most incredible and unique experiences of my life. With 2000+ guests, and 7 wardrobe changes, this was an amazing 3-day wedding that took place in Divya's birthplace Gangpur, and KP's home in the village of Asta.

Some background info for the viewers: Divya & KP were in separate Gujarat villages for most of the events of the wedding.  And during the final ceremony on the 3rd day, the wedding ends on a bit of a somber note as Divya says goodbye and leaves her village.

Divya & KP: Thank you for taking care of us and helping us along the way, you guys really made us feel like part of the family. I miss the swings and yummy breakfasts we shared together each morning :) I feel so lucky to have witnessed your amazing celebration. Thank you!

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