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Wedding Photographer Dobbin Street
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A wedding in Dobbin Street

Lana + Boris

Dobbin Street Wedding

Lana and Boris had it all. Uber-cool location? Check. (Dobbin Street, Brooklyn). Stunning outfits? Check.  Lana looked like an Old Hollywood star in her lace mermaid dress which she later swapped for a sassy ruffled gown, while Boris donned a brocade jacket, fitted pants and black loafers to complement his wife’s stunning look. Family and friends whose love shone with every warm hug, pat on the back, and happy tear? Check again! But best of all: that romantic connection that is both consuming and sweet? Yep, check. Seriously. These guys did have it all.  

They met on Bumble. He was a motorcycle lover but stopped riding because Lana considered it too dangerous (classic, but hey, the lady is always right, right?). However, a concession was made for their wedding day, so Boris rented a Harley Davidson and got some cool pics riding it, too. 

Funny enough, when they met on their second match (the first time they had matched, a year before, the date did not happen), they realized they had led almost parallel lives: both their families immigrated from Russia when they were kids, both lived in Brooklyn, and almost attended the same middle school together (until Lana moved). Wouldn’t that make an epic movie?

That first date went well. Really well. Lana touched Boris’s shoulder, he turned around, and the rest is history. 

The venue chosen by the couple is a transformed Brooklyn factory that exudes a minimalist and luxury feel. For their ceremony, Dobbin Street offered a cozy rooftop terrace boasting stunning Manhattan skyline views. The reception space literally lit up from the moment the couple performed their perfectly choreographed first dance (so no, it had nothing to do with the moonshine and horseradish vodka served to the guests). With touching speeches, live Russian accordion music, and more sexy dance moves from the bride and groom, this party was a hit. 

As for me, the biggest reward for being a wedding photographer is when the bride and groom admit to being head over heels with my shots, or when their parents shed tears of joy looking through their album. 

I am so excited to share with you photos from this killer wedding. 

Lana and Boris, I wish you a lifetime of happiness, but I will also selfishly wish for a lifelong friendship with you, because each time we get together it's always a great time. 


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