Lady Mendl's Tea Salon Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography Lady Mendl's Tea Salon
Wedding Photographer Lady Mendl's Tea Salon
Wedding photos in Lady Mendl's Tea Salon
A wedding in Lady Mendl's Tea Salon

Elaine + Dane

Lady Mendl's Tea Salon Wedding

I proudly photograph same-sex weddings because when any two adults love each other and want to celebrate their feelings with their friends and families (feeding everyone great food and cake in the meantime), we are talking about unique moments that need to be documented.

Elaine and Dane had a feeling it was going to be true love when they first met. Elaine even confessed to me she had to kiss quite a lot of frogs before meeting her prince, but it was worth the wait.  She, a writer and singer, and her fiancée Dane, a book and food junkie, decided to tie the knot in front of a very intimate gathering of family and friends. The ceremony venue was the beautiful St. Peter’s Church in Chelsea and, if Dane chose to sport a suit and a stylish boutonniere, Elaine wore a dark blue dress and a fresh, multicolored bouquet. She also sported her own kind of boutonniere - a flower tattoo decorating her cleavage.

The cozy reception was held at a stylish tea salon in Union Square (Lady Mendl’s of Gramercy Park) where the guests had tea and English snacks. The Victorian setting was the ideal place for finger sandwiches, sweets and tasty brews, slightly recreating a Downton Abbey atmosphere that complemented the whole event.
It was a happy day for this in love couple, and you could see the joy on their guests faces, as well.

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