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Elite Palace Wedding

While I was getting ready to go shoot Anyeka and Josh (first in church, then at the majestic Elite Palace in New York) my enthusiasm reached its peak. You see, due to the nature of my job I get to photograph people from all walks of life with different jobs, tastes and expectations. This time though my subjects were both wedding photographers, just like me, which added a lot of pressure to take great photos for them. 

Anyeka and Josh, these talented and beautiful New York-based photogs who usually travel across the U.S. and the world to capture pure happiness, forgot about their cameras for one day and became the protagonists of their own fairy tale. 

Looking back at how they met, Anye remembers setting eyes on each other for the very first time in church. Josh spotted her and “was immediately sprung”, while she felt instantly struck by Cupid’s arrow, knowing she would want to spend the rest of her life with that man. She later got to know how funny, passionate, loving and kind Josh was and now she considers herself truly blessed seeing what a fantastic father he is to their daughter, Tori. 

From the moment they started getting ready for their wedding, I knew this was going to be an emotional day as neither the bride nor her groom managed to hold back the tears while dressing up. Anyeka looked the picture of perfection in her strapless mermaid dress and her maids of honor formed one of the most elegant and hearty lots I have ever photographed at a wedding. The groom looked super dapper, as well, wearing a velvet suit accessorized with a cool bow tie and a delicate boutonniere that matched his sweetheart’s bouquet. Anyeka’s walk down the aisle together with her parents was probably one of the most intense moments of the day. It got the whole family in tears. 

Located in Woodside, Queens, Elite Palace was the perfect wedding venue for this stylish party. The dramatic vaulted ceilings, ornate chandeliers, and luxurious touches of mahogany and marble blended tradition with contemporary sophistication in the most flawless way transporting this modern couple into an old-fashioned atmosphere. 

I loved how the guests danced the night away, the ladies fought to catch the bridal bouquet and the groom looked triumphant wearing his wife’s sexy garter around his head. For more tears, smiles and pizzazz click on the slideshow above!

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