Four Seasons Hotel New York Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography Four Seasons Hotel New York
Wedding Photographer Four Seasons Hotel New York
Wedding photos in Four Seasons Hotel New York
A wedding in Four Seasons Hotel New York

Kristen + Josiah

Four Seasons Hotel New York Wedding

A wedding at the Four Seasons in NYC will always be epic, no matter what. I got excited knowing I would be shooting Kristen and Josiah at this stunning hotel: its refined interiors and backdrops promised beautiful nyc wedding photos.

But before I continue, let me just mention Kristen’s dreamy wedding gown. The back of her feminine bridal dress was accented by an oversized yet soft folded bow which, together with the majestic train, added volume and drama to this understated style. There was an old-world elegance about the bride and groom that made the stunning setting all the more fitting for their personal style.

My aim is to always make couples feel at ease around me and forget that I am following them around with a camera. I try to get them walking, moving, laughing and chatting, flirting, hugging, kissing and touching to really show the closeness they have and, if they happen to end up making out, well, I am down with that, too. 

Kristen and Josiah are both great foodies, they love to travel, and cherish their family and friends. They tried to keep their wedding moderately sized especially because they wanted to interact with each and every one of their guests. Well, it was just like they wanted it. The wedding was an intimate one, the bride and groom got to bond (and dance madly) with everyone, and there were smiles all around. Plus, the New York sunset was phenomenal that day infusing their dawn pictures with extra charm. 

For the bride and groom these photos are now the only artifacts left to help them relive their big day – a collection of candid moments they had no idea were even being photographed. Kristen & Josiah: My greatest hope for couples on their wedding day is that they enjoy it to the fullest, together. Needless to say, you did exactly that, and as a wedding photographer, what else could I possibly need?!

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