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Wedding Photography The Society Room
Wedding Photographer The Society Room
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A wedding in The Society Room

Gina + Stephen

The Society Room Wedding

There is no use in trying to rush fate, because the best things in life are worth the wait. Gina and Stephen are the best example that true love will happen eventually, no matter how long you have to wait for it. They met in Spanish class during their freshman year of high school, but at the end of the year, Stephen transferred to a different school. During the following 18 years they have not set eyes on each other again.  The same fate I was mentioning before made them meet again in 2011 during a common friend’s wedding. That encounter sealed the deal and they became inseparable ever since. 

As Gina says with a big smile, they balance each other in the most natural way – while Stephen levels her out, she loosens him up. You know, with that magical power women always have on their better halves. Based on respect, love and genuine friendship, the relationship between Gina, a glamorous belly dancer, and Stephen, a cop, culminated in the best way possible: with a wedding celebrated on Halloween, at the Society Room in Hartford, Connecticut.

We went to the beautiful Hartford City Hall for portraits, then celebrated the big day at the lavish Society Room. There was no shortage of pizzazz that night as Gina, who looked really lush in her sparkly dress, was surrounded by girlfriends wrapped in equally glittery gowns (plus, had one of her besties bellydance for the audience).

A huge thank-you to Gina and Stephen for trusting me with the task of immortalizing their dream wedding.  Check out some of my favorite photos above. 


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