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Wedding Photography Glen Island Harbour Club
Wedding Photographer Glen Island Harbour Club
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A wedding in Glen Island Harbour Club

Robyn + Daniel

Orthodox Chabad Jewish Wedding @ Glen Island Harbour Club NY

This was one of the most unique wedding experiences of my career so far. And this has been several years in the making, because when I first met Robyn several years ago during her sister's wedding, she was already telling me how great her wedding will be, even before anything was planned. This was my first time photographing a traditional Jewish orthodox wedding, and after reading up on the traditions and customs, I was excited for the day. The biggest thing you may notice is that Robyn and Daniel were separated for pretty much the entire day. And during portraits, they were not allowed to touch each other.

With many of the guests coming in from Israel, people were ready to party. It was about as wild of a reception that I've ever seen. I just remember guests being thrown all over the place, and at times, I was being tossed around as well. There were a few "omg this can be really dangerous moments" - but thankfully everything ended in a really happy night for everyone. Below are some of my favorite photos.

And you can click here to see their wedding photo slideshow. The song I used is called Kol Dodi by the Moshav Band.

Wedding Location: Glen Island Harbour Club, 299 Weyman Ave, New Rochelle, NY 10805.

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