Glen Island Harbour Club Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography Glen Island Harbour Club
Wedding Photographer Glen Island Harbour Club
Wedding photos in Glen Island Harbour Club
A wedding in Glen Island Harbour Club

Lindsay + Jason

Photojournalist Glen Island Harbour Club Wedding Photos

Thanks to online dating, I was able to shoot Lindsay and Jason's beautiful winter wedding at Glen Island Harbour Club.

That's because they met on JDate at a time when swiping had not become a thing yet. Jason’s strategy was to message only women who looked at his profile more than once and apparently Lindsay did just that.  Jason wrote a long-winded message that pointed out several things in her profile.  He even tried to reference Harry Potter, even though he has never read the books. Effort! Eventually, Jason offered up his phone number to Lindsay, even though she hadn't asked for it. Not liking this reversal in gender roles, she gave her number right back to him, even though he hadn't asked for it.  After a week of no communication, Lindsay finally texted him "Ok, I lose at playing chicken."  Jason immediately responded that he would call her shortly, and he did. 

When I first met them, they were super excited to finally become husband and wife as they were tired of calling each other fiancé. They dreamed about living their new life without the need for planning anything anymore, and were looking forward to adopting a puppy for which they already had a name (Harley).

It took Jason three years of dating, a year and a half of living together with Lindsay in three different apartments, five vacations and countless weekend trips to propose in style.  After months of Lindsay wondering – often out loud – when it would happen, Jason finally proposed on the Friday before Thanksgiving. At 2:45pm, on gchat, Jason asked Lindsay if she had heard from their building’s super, Nick, because he had “left Jason a message” that there was a problem with the outside of their window (which faces a garden). So Lindsay said she would go straight home when her office closed 15 minutes later to check on the window, thinking Jason couldn’t leave work for another few hours as usual. When Lindsay got to their building, Nick (the super) met her at the door and walked her to the garden to “look at the problem with the window.” In the corner of the garden was Jason, in his tuxedo, with a violinist and a giant bouquet of roses! Lindsay immediately knew what was going on and started giggle-crying.

Their wedding venue, Glen Island Harbour Club, which used to be a casino, recently got an expensive makeover becoming Westchester’s premier banquet facility. Boasting an elegant drawbridge entrance and panoramic windows with gorgeous water views, the welcoming Glen Island Harbour Club was everything the couple could wish for.

Lindsay was glowing in her strapless lace wedding dress holding a colorful bouquet. Jason looked dapper and so in love (the way he kissed and looked at Lindsay throughout the event says it all). One of my favorite moments was the ceremony when the sunset lit up Lindsay and Jason’s smiling faces.  I also loved capturing the emotional parent dances and hilarious speeches.

Winter love floated in the air that day at Glen Island Harbour Club.  Lindsay and Jason, I'm so happy to see the two of you married and happy. Thank you for trusting me so completely.

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