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Wedding Photography Gramercy Park Hotel
Wedding Photographer Gramercy Park Hotel
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A wedding in Gramercy Park Hotel

Megan + Sam

Stunning Gramercy Park Hotel Wedding Photos

This is a story about two elegant and in love people, and their stylish nuptials celebrated at the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York. If you have a soft spot for workplace romances, sexy wedding attire, and tons of flowers, read on...

The way Megan and Sam met could be the plot for an episode of Suits, except that it is 100% non-fictional. They actually met on a deal (Megan was the banker taking a biotech company public and Sam was that company’s attorney), which meant they had to work together for a few months. She admits she found Sam hot as hell from the beginning, but she also felt he was way too slick to consider dating him (good thing she eventually changed her mind!).

They kept in touch even when they were many miles apart and became good friends over time. But one day Sam showed up in NYC amidst a crazy snowstorm.  They had the best time together, which included snowball throwing competitions and snow-angel making in private yards (yikes!).  Many fun times rediscovering nyc ensued, including Megan's theft of Sam's rolex where she removed a link and claimed it for her own. After that, they needed no further confirmation. Theirs was a love story. 

Life has been good to both of them and, since they gained their dream apartment and the jobs of their lives.  The next big step - sealing their relationship with an emotional I do – came naturally.

On their wedding day, Sam and Megan, were both beaming and the elegant Gramercy Park Hotel complemented their looks perfectly. Megan wore a spectacular cathedral veil and a jaw-dropping low-cut lace dress that silenced the whole audience (groom included) for a bit. Sam looked every inch a dandy in his impeccable smoking. They were the picture of class.

Located in one of Manhattan’s most coveted neighborhoods, the artsy Gramercy Park Hotel boasts unique Renaissance- inspired interior design in vivid colors and houses masterpieces by famous artists. The venue was lavishly decorated with luxurious flowers (they were literally everywhere, starting from a massive white bloom wall strategically placed behind the couple during the ceremony, to gorgeous flowers on the reception table and impressive floral decorations on the tiered wedding cake). The décor could not have looked more opulent. 

Megan and Sam’s wedding was an intimate affair. The couple was the epitome of absolute chic, which made some of their wedding photos look like part of a fashion shoot. I wish you could understand how much I loved photographing them for both their engagement session and wedding day. Megan and Sam, thank you for trusting me and my team and for the good times had. 

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