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Lisa + Cameron

Epic Jewish Wedding Photography in Guastavino's

Photographing Lisa and Cameron's wedding at the spectacular Guastavino’s in New York made me realize something: “the people who are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you, no matter how far they wander”. 

Lisa and Cam's story sounds a bit like a romcom plot. They were first introduced in 2011 by Lisa’s cousin. They dated twice and really liked each other, but back then their timing and schedules got in the way. They spent 3 years apart until the same cousin (crucial character in this love story) convinced Cameron to attend Lisa’s Live Karaoke birthday party. Boom! The two reconnected and fell for each other all over again. Cameron was impressed with Lisa’s tambourine and vocal skills, while his live rendition of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off amazed Miss Lisa. 

Next day came THE text, the one that lead to a second first date and eventually… the beautiful wedding I had the privilege to photograph. Cam proposed to Lisa in 2016 in Carl Schulz Park, on the Upper East Side, and one year later they tied the knot in one of New York’s hidden gems: Guastavino’s. Located under the Queensboro Bridge, the grand yet intimate venue boasts a tiled Catalan vaulted high ceiling, tiled columns and soaring arches offering an original mix of modern design and old-world charm (a venue setting with high wow factor).

The bride and groom were beyond excited to spend this important day with their friends and family. Lisa was beautiful in her strapless mermaid wedding gown (check out the first look photos where Cam appears awe-struck upon seeing her), but her better half looked really sharp, too, in his classy black tux. Their high energy reception included fun speeches, pushups, surprise desserts, a wild brother, rugby huddles, mad dancing (the brave bride changed into a white jumpsuit, but kept the sky-high stilettos!), and a fabulous white and gold wedding cake. 

The moment I started shooting their getting ready moments I knew this wedding was going to be something special, and I wasn’t wrong.  I could feel the excitement brewing behind the closed doors as they pinned up wedding decor all along the penthouse doors.  

I could not have been more thrilled to have been entrusted with not only the task of capturing this truly awesome event, but with all the secrets and surprises that came along with it. Lisa and Cameron, thank you for choosing me (go Utes)!

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