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Jessica + Sabino

Houston Hall Wedding

As I was shooting Jessica and Sabino’s wedding at the chic Houston Hall in New York I could not help but think about how complex and mysterious love is. We meet a stranger, fall in love, start sharing everything with that person (from bed to emotions), decide we can never live apart, get hitched. It's fascinating. 

In 2012, Jess and Sabino had met a couple of times without exchanging more than a few words, but the following year was a game changer. They met again on St Patrick’s Day (yes, green really promotes good luck) and talked a bit more. This time something felt different. Sabino asked Jess to meet a couple days later so he could pick her RN brain about a healthcare startup he was working on. To this day, Jessica strongly believes Sabino set up that meeting under a false reason. He, of course, denies it, insisting it was merely for professional purposes.  I guess we’ll never know.   It ended up being the most memorable and rewarding lunch ever.  After a 6-hour chat over lobster rolls and drinks they realized they were meant for each other.

Because they are photo fans, Jess and Sabino have been using heavily their selfie-stick and tripods since they got engaged, but on their big day it was my camera that captured their sweetest moments, and I am honored they will always relive this day via my photographs.  

Their West Village wedding venue was gorgeous. The rustic feel of the Houston Hall with its raw white brick, hand-painted murals and high wooden beam ceilings lit by natural sky lights created an utterly inspiring ambiance. 

Jessica looked statuesque in her body-fitting lace dress. Her dreamy appearance made Sabino weep multiple times, and with good reason. After saying their “I do’s” it seemed like the whole world stopped to let them enjoy these once-in-a-lifetime moments. They danced, laughed, toasted with their friends and family, and shed tears. For the second part of the wedding, Jessica changed into a traditional Chinese red wedding dress just in time to cut the beautiful cake, throw her bouquet and dance some more.   And then changed 1 more time back to white to end the night!

“Take a chance because you’ll never know how absolutely perfect something could turn out to be.” Jessica and Sabino did just that the second time around and life gave them the biggest surprise ever. Check out their photos above for a genuine mix of tears and smiles.

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