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Nicole + Matt

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When a couple decides to go for a run on the morning of their wedding, you know they are damn serious about their exercise.

Matthew and Nicole’s wedding guests were told they would join the groom for a run that day, but the bride just could not stay away from her running sneakers and joined the group. It will remain in their family history as Nicole’s last run before becoming a wife.

Nicole and Matt met at a birthday party. Although normally a wallflower, Matt surprised Nicole by asking her out on a date. She was totally unprepared for his forwardness, but could bet he was already head over heels with her. However, since things were not moving in the right direction, Nicole decided to follow up after some time. When they finally met, she noticed the location was conveniently set in Matt’s zone of existence, very close to his parents’ apartment.  But maybe that was just a coincidence…

Nicole came into Matt’s life to stay and all of a sudden he became a healthier eater and started working his core more (when your girlfriend is a fitness blogger, you don’t really have a choice, right?). 

They celebrated their entertaining wedding at the Interlaken Inn and looked, as you would expect, extremely fit and full of energy. Nicole channeled a demure column gown with cut out back, while Matt opted for a dark blue suit, silver tie and sneakers.   Almost everyone shed a tear during their romantic lakeside ceremony, but soon switched moods at the reception.  Nicole and Matt started off a dance marathon with their original & super-energetic first dance. The guests followed suit and had a blast. 

Interlaken Inn provided a fantastic backdrop for the couple’s wedding. The lakeside ceremony space featuring grass that transitions into a sandy beach, and the shimmering lake in the background looked simply idyllic. I truly enjoyed photographing this beautiful wedding with its genuine tears and smiles.  I loved the sense of humor the couple injected into the day. Their romantic gestures and their proud parents made photographing fun. Being a wedding photographer gives me the unique chance to capture raw feelings in a highly emotional moment in people’s lives. It is challenging, overwhelming, exciting and heart-warming at the same time. Plus, it feels incredibly rewarding when I present my clients with lifelong memories – their wedding photos. 

Couples who laugh (and train) together stay together. Just like Nicole and Matt. Enjoy their photos!

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