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Wedding Photography Jericho Terrace
Wedding Photographer Jericho Terrace
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A wedding in Jericho Terrace

Essel + Chris

Jericho Terrace Wedding

Gorgeous couple. Check. Entertaining wedding at the luxurious Jericho Terrace. Check again. Before I go on, let me just say this wedding had it all, from the engaging church ceremony to the bride’s live musical performance to the sassy garter removal dance. However, I must admit that their story is as great as their wedding day was. Essel and Chris like to call it a mix between “Romeo and Juliet” and “Love and Basketball” with a hint of “High School Musical” because what was supposed to be just another basketball game between crosstown rivals turned into an unexpected, life-changing story. 

Chris (back then an 18-year old fresh-faced gunner) remembers how focused he was on the match that day and determined to beat the Brighton Beach team. He and his team prepped and were ready to roll, but first everyone had to pause for a while to listen to the National Anthem. And that (drum rolls) was the moment when his life changed forever. 

When Essel stepped on stage and started singing the anthem Chris was “lost and found” before her. He was so bewitched, that moments after the anthem was over he still kept following Essel’s every move. When she went to join her family, friends and, to his surprise, the opposing team, he realized she was with the “enemy” (in fact, she was Brighton Beach’s muse). I am not sure if this made things even more challenging, but Chris decided there and then that she was THE ONE. 

Thirteen years later Essel still sings to him. He admits he is still hooked after all these years. 

The couple chose to celebrate their wedding reception in the most luxurious ballroom of Jericho Terrace: the Dome Room. The large dome-shaped ceiling gave guests an impressive panoramic view of the sky above and the kinetic lighting created a sophisticated ambiance. It was emotional to see Essel dance with her father and Chris with his mother. Those intimate moments were filled with pride, love and a bittersweet touch as the parents watched their children become husband and wife. 

Now, this being said, just sit back, pour yourself a cup of coffee and take the time to look at these wedding photographs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

I could not have been more thrilled to have been entrusted with not only the task of capturing this truly awesome event, but with all the secrets and surprises that came along with the day. Essel and Chris, thank you for choosing me!

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