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Katie + Anthony

Central Park Boathouse Wedding

Whenever we find out that many of the guests are traveling far to attend the wedding, we know it's going to be an extra special day. And in their case, Katie + Anthony had a lot of people coming into Central Park's Boathouse from all over the world, but especially large groups from Ohio and South Africa. It was obvious how excited both moms were for the day, and there were moments between Katie and her dad that made us felt so privileged to be able to witness in person. As a whole, the day was just filled with so many emotions: nerves, excitement, and lots of love. And they had an emotional ceremony on a very special day (Anthony's father's birthday).

After the wedding, Katie's mom gave us a call, and thanked us for all that we did. She said how comfortable everyone felt, and that our love and care made the day even more special. It's funny, because we felt the same way about them. If you want to know what kind of people they are, we just have to think back to their engagement session when Anthony chased down a robber. And whether it's talking about sneakers or listening to stories about Roxie (their chihuahua), we have always felt so comfortable around Katie + Anthony and look forward to a long friendship with them. Katie + Anthony: Thanks to you and your families for being such genuine people filled with love and joy. We feel so blessed to be a part of this very special time in your lives.

Ceremony + Reception: Central Park Boathouse 

Dress: Dennis Basso, Kleinfeld's
Suit: Brioni
Florist: Lenox Hill Florist
Cake: Love Street Cakes
Hair: Connie Puckett
Makeup: Anita Nouryeh

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