Koo + Puj

Asia, Mongolia

After travelling 24 hours and driving over unpaved roads to reach the wedding location, once arriving in Mongolia, I was simply charmed by its green mountains, clear blue skies, ancient temples and friendly monks and, luckily, I got to photograph all of these incredible beauties. The country is rooted in complex traditions, and weddings make no exception. Gifts, lots of courting and the bride’s family’s approval are involved, and every wedding ceremony has two distinct parts: a traditional and a modern one. Koo and Puj looked fantastic both in their traditional attire (Del) and in the more formal one. 

Koo and Puj embraced the Mongolian traditions every step of the way, donning traditional outfits (and looking spectacular!).  A huge thank-you to Koo and Puj for choosing me and trusting my vision to capture this really special celebration.

Here's a clip of me waking up the morning before the wedding: 

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