Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery
Wedding Photographer Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery
Wedding photos in Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery
A wedding in Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery

Kristin + Aaron

Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery Wedding Photographer

Kristin and Aaron might not be your typical couple (they rented out Taylor Swift’s apartment to get ready in, had a marching band escort them to Washington Sq Park after their ceremony, and partied in a bakery - the cozy Lafayette Grand Bakery in Noho), however all their original choices made their big day extra special and a joy to photograph.

When Kristin and Aaron met, they bonded over absurdist humor, psychedelic music, and science, and good thing they did, because I think they make one of the jolliest and most interesting couples I know. They met in 2013 on the back patio of a café while they were both graduate students living in State College, PA. Two years later, after graduation, they moved to the Big Apple where Aaron attended medical school while Kristin started her career at Columbia University. Since New York was the first place they actually called home, the couple vowed to keep making daily conscious efforts to explore and enjoy the charm of this unique city. Their families don’t visit NYC very often, but on this happy occasion they were all there to celebrate their love, and this meant a lot for the bride and groom. 

When it came to designing their big day, the couple knew they wanted an intimate, downtown wedding with European influences.  And Lafayette Grand Bakery ticked all the boxes. The romantic room, called Cave du Vin, made the event feel more like a fantastic party in a wine cellar than just a standard wedding. The food was out of this world and the fun was epic, with the guests tearing up the dance floor until late. 

Photographing these two love birds in the streets of New York was such a blast, as their personalities shone through and made this shoot a memorable one.  They walked hand in hand, danced on the zebra crossing, kissed, and simply looked like the picture of happiness. They spread cheer on so many sidewalks and put a smile on quite a few onlookers’ faces that afternoon. 

As the day came to an end, I tried to capture every moment of the bride and groom looking blissful and so crazy about each other. This was definitely a day that Kristin and Aaron will always remember – the start of a brand new chapter in their lives as one, filled with joy, dreams and pure love.  

Kristin and Aaron share their experience on hiring and working with me:

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