Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery
Wedding Photographer Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery
Wedding photos in Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery
A wedding in Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery

Lindsay + Reed

A Lovely Jewish Wedding at Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery

Anyone who’s ever been to Lafayette, the grand café and bakery in downtown Manhattan, probably still remembers the authentic French brasserie atmosphere and the warm interiors with mahogany floors, arched windows and tiled columns. It’s an intimate space that makes people feel instantly relaxed. This is the exact feeling Lindsay and Reed wanted for their reception. Since they had been looking to have a low-key, non-traditional wedding, they had to switch venues several times before deciding that Lafayette was their dream NY setting. But it was so worth it!

The location was also important because Lindsay, who grew up in a small town, had always dreamt of getting married in the Big Apple. Well, she believed she could, so she did. How about that?

Meeting on Tinder was a stroke of pure luck. When they realized they actually lived near each other, Reed asked Lindsay to meet him at the corner for a first date. Little did he know he would propose to her later on at the same street corner! 

Both Lindsay, in her dreamy low cut gown with gold embroidery, and Reed, in a dapper tuxedo, looked fabulous on their wedding day. They oozed the elegance of a Hollywood couple from a black and white movie. Had the same amazing looks of fashion models on a magazine cover.  And flaunted smiles that only head over heels in love people can pull off. Tough Reed (a boxer with a passion for motorcycles) looked completely smitten with his belle.  No wonder why, once he fell in love with Lindsay he decided there was no need for additional adrenaline in his life. To him, his lady, is without doubt the best source of happiness.

Their wedding day was flawless. From the moment the couple got ready and had their first look session to saying yes under the chuppah made by Reed’s dad. The dinner at the intimate Lafayette restaurant and the emotional moment when the couple broke a wishbone (a tradition in Lindsay’s family) was beautiful.  Everything went smoothly and the atmosphere was fantastic. 

Enjoy some of my favorite photos of the day above.  One of the sweetest pics includes the couple’s beloved puppy, Loki!  I was so proud to be there to witness their first day as husband and wife.  Lindsay and Reed, thank you for choosing me to capture your precious memories. 

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