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Bridget + Sanjay

Industrial Chic: Liberty Warehouse Wedding Photos

Being Bridget and Sanjay’s wedding photographer at the Liberty Warehouse gave me once again the chance to return to this fantastic wedding venue.  It also made me reflect on the immeasurable power of love.

Bridget met Sanjay at an East Village rooftop party through friends she knew from her Birthright trip. She was dating someone else at the time so nothing happened on that occasion, but destiny wanted them to keep meeting, so they continued to run into each other at various gatherings. Normally, “if you don’t like the hand fate’s dealt you, you fight for a new one”. But in this case, Bridget and Sanjay had no reason to fight fate. They started chatting on Gchat and, soon after, chatting turned into all day texting. After 11 months from that rooftop party things looked pretty serious. In fact, they looked so serious, that today I am actually sharing their Liberty Warehouse wedding photos with you!

Theirs was a winter wedding, but you couldn’t really tell from the photos. The weather was fantastic and the bride and groom’s sunny smiles added even more sunshine to the whole event. 

As a NYC wedding photographer, I really enjoyed capturing the essence of Bridget and Sanjay’s personalities. They have a great sense of humor, seemed incurably romantic yet were wild on the dance floor. They allowed me to achieve intimate photographs and create moments where they did not even notice they were being photographed (I took one of my favorite shots when Bridget’s parents were giving her away at the altar, but she just could not take her eyes off her better half). This is the kind of unique moment I am always looking to capture. 

If you ask me, photography is one of the most crucial aspects of a wedding.  When all is said and done, every bride and groom expect beautiful shots (but this is my responsibility). After all the guests have gone home, chairs were put away, floors were swept and lights were turned off, the couple is only left with beautiful memories and… their wedding photos. 

Guys, over the years you will become even better friends and share every possible kind of happiness life brings your way.  I hope these photos put a smile on your face every time you browse through them.  I just cannot say enough wonderful things about this experience.  Thank you for sharing it with me!

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