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Alyssa + Scott

Rooftop Wedding Reception Venues: Manhattan Penthouse

If Alyssa had not introduced herself to Scott six years ago, I would have missed the chance to shoot their Manhattan Penthouse wedding. Luckily, she did.

She made the first move at a party, and last summer she said “I do” to Scott. And by the way, this is another reminder for all those ladies who never dare to go out of their comfort zone and take the first step: you never know where this can take you :)

Alyssa and Scott tied the knot on a summer day in a stunning Catholic church, followed by a killer reception at the chic Manhattan Penthouse. 

Boasting more windows than walls and overlooking the city in every direction, the epic loft-like space chosen by the couple offered an unforgettable dining and celebration experience. Their goal was to have a sentimental and fun rather than perfect wedding, and that is exactly what the event was.

Photographing Alyssa and Scott was a privilege and also a bit of a challenge since the groom has been the founder and president of his high school photography club, so he had a very clear idea of what he expected from my work.  I couldn't let him down. 

Both Alyssa and Scott looked amazing: Alyssa channeled an eye-catching ball gown with low-cut beaded top and tulle bottom, while her better half donned a dapper blue suit They tried to give their wedding day great sentimental value so they incorporated ceremony unity items belonging to Alyssa’s family, which was really sweet.  

Their love for music (they are crazy about karaoke, musicals and small venue concerts) reflected in their wild party.  Together with their guests Alyssa and Scott went hardcore on the dancefloor.  There was confetti flying, sweat dripping, and joy on every face. 

I could not have asked for a better couple, wedding, or experience. Thank you Alyssa and Scott, I enjoyed every moment. 

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