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Brittany + Josh

Epic Jewish Wedding at Maritime Parc in Jersey City

Women are typically courted with candlelight dinners, huge bouquets of flowers, or diamonds. For Brittany, it was ice hockey that did the trick. But let me explain…

Brittany and Josh met in the summer of 2008. It Josh's first year at the NHL.  Brittany got a tour of the office and walked by his desk without knowing she would soon become a fixture in his life. To her, Josh was way “too serious” and “hard to talk to”. To him, listening to her talk was so much fun. Their mutual passion for the Rangers and the NY Yankees brought Brittany on most of Josh’s shoots. Little by little she was included in his work. 

However, when her time at the NHL came to an end, Josh felt sadder than expected. He had no clue he had already developed feelings for her. After she left they stayed in touch and eventually became best friends.  By 2010, Josh could not hide his feelings anymore and told Brittany how he felt about her. Unfortunately, she did not feel the same way. 

For two long years Josh kept joking about how one day they would be married but, just when he was about to give up hope, something happened.

In 2012, when the Rangers had a brilliant year starting to become an elite team, Josh invited Britt to each of their home games for 2 months. At the end of it she felt she needed to thank him for this great “gift” so she decided to take him out. That was it. After dinner that evening they finally had their first kiss. Two years later, at the same location of that kiss, Josh proposed to Brittany. 

They celebrated their wedding at Maritime Parc in New Jersey. The venue, which offers panoramic views of the Statue of Liberty, Hudson River and Lower Manhattan was beautifully decorated with gorgeous white flowers that matched her bouquet. The traditional Jewish reception was filled with laughter, dancing, touching speeches, emotional moments and lots of singing.  And their majestic wedding cake that was the cherry on top. 

Patience and perseverance paid off for Joshua. And this is another great example that love conquers all, no matter how long and difficult the path to reach it is. I hope you like their story as much as I enjoyed photographing it.  Thank you, Brittany and Josh, for being incredible to us and for being a beautiful example of marriage. I'm so grateful to have been there for this special time in your lives and will never forget it. 

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