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Caitlin + Eliot

Modern Wedding Reception Venue: Maritime Parc

If a sense of humor makes a woman sexy and a man handsome, Caitlin and Eliot, the bride and groom I shot at Maritime Parc, must be the coolest couple I know (and handsomest and sexiest). Everything about these guys is rad, from the way they got to know each other, to the marriage proposal, to their sarcasm.

They met on, and it was Caitlin who broke the ice: she winked at Eliot. He had impressed her with bits of his profile (winning a spelling bee contest in the 4th grade, among other things), while  she seduced him with her passionate nature, claiming to be an “indoor cat”, even if later on she proved to be the total opposite. 

Eliot canceled their first two dates due to an emergency appendectomy. Caitlin thought he was just playing hard to get and only decided to give him another shot after some serious convincing and a note from Eliot’s doctor. When their first date finally happened, Caitlin arrived 45 minutes earlier (only because “she was not familiar with the city”) - a great ego tickle for Eliot, who loves to mention this episode whenever he gets the chance. When they realized they both shared a strong distaste for eggs, a complimentary sense of humor, and a love for traveling to their homelands (Eliot is Greek and Caitlin is Irish), it was clear there would be a second date very soon.  

Eliot’s proposal was quite unique. I mean, do you know anyone who sent their lady on a year-long scavenger hunt that ended up with a sparkler on her finger? Most probably not. The whole adventure came to an end on Rooslvelt Island in Four Freedoms Park and included everything from physical challenges to puzzle-solving. 

It was an amazing day at Maritime Parc, the venue chosen by the couple for their wedding. The event had a bit of everything: a Greek groom smashing plates, a sweet red-headed bride in a floaty dress always with a smile on her face, live Greek and Irish music and dancing (the bride’s riverdance was everything), romance, exuberance, and a gorgeous sunset against which Caitlin and Eliot posed with the nonchalance of a Hollywood couple. 

I am sure that ever since these two lovebirds have been around in each other’s lives, they both smiled more. This is what it’s all about, after all.  Smiles and love go hand in hand. Check out their wedding slideshow and don’t be surprised if you find yourself smiling at some point, too. It’s contagious.


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