Museum of the City of NY Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography Museum of the City of NY
Wedding Photographer Museum of the City of NY
Wedding photos in Museum of the City of NY
A wedding in Museum of the City of NY

Peggy + Barry

Stunning Wedding at The Museum of the City of NY

Peggy and Barry’s later-in-life romance and marriage are really fascinating and heartwarming.  They met in their middle years (the day after Peggy turned 60), at a time when they had already figured out what they wanted in life and what was really important. Both divorced and with a refreshing outlook on love, they decided to give marriage another shot. After all, it is never too late to live happily ever after. 

Looking back at the funny coincidences in their lives, Barry, the divorce attorney and Peggy, the clinical psychologist, feel extremely lucky to have found each other. Years ago, both of them used to live in the same town, literally five minutes away from each other. They had common friends, their kids attended the same high-school, and Barry’s son even took Peggy’s niece to the high school prom, but they never actually knew each other. They had to meet through a common friend many years later.

On their big day, the couple was surrounded by their five grown children, friends, co-workers and relatives, all thrilled to be part of their story and eager to join them on such a joyous occasion. Their guests wanted to surprise them and thought about adding a little extra humor and laughs to their day so everyone wore matching glasses to those of Peggy and Barry (one of their favorite jokes is: since they wear the same glasses, they were meant to be together).

The Museum of the City of New York was not exactly the type of venue the couple had initially in mind, but as soon as they viewed it, they instantly felt the New York vibe they were looking for. The museum did not disappoint for one second: it lent itself to many possibilities and it looked elegant and modern. 

Barry and Peggy told me they love to laugh and they spend hours doing it. It is actually something I noticed throughout their wedding day: they looked incredibly comfortable together, and I am pretty sure they really nailed the art of having fun as a couple. Looking at their wedding photos from the Museum of the City of NY anyone could tell this pair is in for some fabulous times ahead, for “being someone’s first love may be great, but to be their last is beyond perfect”. 

Enjoy their photos above.

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