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Wedding Photography Museum of the Moving Image
Wedding Photographer Museum of the Moving Image
Wedding photos in Museum of the Moving Image
A wedding in Museum of the Moving Image

Aviva + Doron

Museum of the Moving Image Wedding

When you know you are shooting a wedding at the Museum of the Moving Image, it instantly hits you that the couple who hired you is a tad unconventional. Which I love!

Aviva and Doron chose this totally unorthodox venue for their Orthodox-Jewish wedding knowing it would add a modern twist to the event. Their plan worked perfectly. 

Both huge Harry Potter fans, these guys are a very fun couple. With a PhD in Math, Doron is rather logical. Artsy Aviva studied art and theater and now works in design. Even if they are so different, they make a fantastic couple, which just goes to prove that opposites really do attract. Great aesthetic in photography was a must to Aviva, and the modern twist was definitely her touch. She dreamed of unique, modern wedding photos, so I did my best to deliver just what she envisioned. 

Their museum wedding had something for every taste: a bit of quirkiness (the bride and groom HAD to have a photograph with their favorite book, Harry Potter!), a little pizzazz (the bridesmaids channeled spectacular sequined gowns),  a bit of playfulness (the couple and their guests played a fun newlywed game at the museum theatre), a hint of tradition (throughout the ceremony Doron wore a kitel, a white linen robe, which is donned over the clothes as the groom arrives under the chuppah), and a touch of modern-day Americana (Aviva and her bridesmaids made a pit stop at Starbucks for refreshments).

Located in a former building of the iconic Astoria Studios in Queens, NYC, the Museum of the Moving Image was the perfect venue for this wedding. Besides the sleek Lobby/Caffe area’s minimal white décor that provided a blank canvas (for which I am forever grateful every time I look at the couple’s first look photos) and the versatile Digital Learning Suite that became the perfect space for mad dancing, the MOMI also allowed guests to explore the interactive exhibits, which was a huge treat. 

I loved photographing this modern jewish orthodox wedding. I live for these subtle moments: the way beautiful Aviva’s dress moved as she walked, Doron’s hand gently touching her shoulder, the way they looked at each other with eyes full of affection.

Aviva and Doron radiate joy in every photo, and I am thankful to have met them. 

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