Olympic Sculpture Park Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography Olympic Sculpture Park
Wedding Photographer Olympic Sculpture Park
Wedding photos in Olympic Sculpture Park
A wedding in Olympic Sculpture Park

Neeti + Rishi

Olympic Sculpture Park Wedding

Indian wedding celebrations are a feast for the eyes and, with so many bright colors, henna tattoos and dancing going on, one almost feels like attending an exuberant music festival. I was ready for it all, so I just switched into party mood and set off to shoot Neeti and Rishi's day of pre-wedding events in downtown Seattle.  And what a memorable experience that was.  

Rishi, the groom, remembers being mesmerized with Neeti’s radiant smile from the very first moment he set his eyes on her. He secretly hoped that at some point in life that smile would light up his every day. The proposal was imminent.

Neeti, on the other hand, fell in love with Rishi’s big eyes filled with curiosity.   And his curiosity for life extended to a desire to understand her, and now their, happiness. She coudn't wait to join him and explore the world together, one curious look at a time.  So she said “yes”. 

Haldi, the turmeric party, was held in the morning, while sangeet wedding ceremony was celebrated at night, in the beautiful Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle. During haldi, Neeti was covered from head to toe in a turmeric paste by her dear ones. This custom may be a little messy, but is believed to ward off evil spirits from the couple and bring prosperity for their future married life.

The sangeet ceremony is all about music and dancing, and this event was no exception. While Rishi's mom and family were singing, Neeti became overwhelmed with emotions, which was a really touching moment to capture!

“Love doesn’t make the world go round. It makes the ride worthwhile”. Check the slideshow that illustrates this eventful day and enjoy some pages of their wedding story. 

I'm forever grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in Neeti & Rishi's wedding weekend, while visiting for my first time the Pacific Northwest. I was welcomed like family and fed endless amounts of delicious Indian food and I couldn’t have asked for anything more!  Thank you guys. 

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