Pei + Kevin

Crest Hollow Country Club, New York (Long Island)

We still remember how Kevin always found a way to put a smile on Pei's face during their engagement session at the MET. And it was no different on their wedding day, but this time, bigger smiles and more love and joy all around.

When we first met, Pei told us that Kevin is her clown and the guy who always makes her laugh. We loved how throughout the day, they would burst out laughing with their friends, which made the day extra fun and humorous. Pei + Kevin: It was a joy to share your day with you and your crazy fun crew! And it was such an honor to witness your happiness and excitement getting married to a fellow Penn Stater. :)

To see more photos from Pei + Kevin's wedding, follow our Fan Page because we will post their wedding gallery there too!

Wedding Ceremony + Reception: Crest Hollow Country Club
Dress Designer: Enzoni
Florist: Victoria Ahn