San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography San Francisco City Hall
Wedding Photographer San Francisco City Hall
Wedding photos in San Francisco City Hall
A wedding in San Francisco City Hall

Jane + Ron

San Francisco City Hall Wedding

In today’s technological (and very busy) world, many couples meet through online dating apps. Others are introduced by friends (of friends), or meet at work. A very tiny percentage might still accidentally bump into each other at the coffee shop. 

For Jane and Ron it was totally different. 

They met on a day at the museum, while her son and his daughter were observing insects outdoors. They soon learned that their kids would be starting at the same school in a few months (now, that’s some coincidence) and, what started out as a friendship, eventually became a beautiful love story (truth be told, volunteering on the same committee and sharing common interests in non-profits and education did help a bit, too). After some time, they realized that being just friends was not enough anymore. They wanted to be husband and wife. That is where I come up in the picture. 

Jane and Ron said their “I do’s” on a sunny fall day in a private ceremony at the City Hall in San Francisco. The only witnesses were their two friends and yours truly, which was actually ideal because I could totally focus on the emotions of the newlyweds hence all their wedding photos are about…them. 

Channeling side swept tresses, Jane was the epitome of grace.  She wore a tiered wedding gown with delicate lace bodice, and had her gorgeous smile on all the time. Ron opted for stylish navy and could not take his eyes off his bride. They were beaming.

The majestic San Francisco City Hall was a very inspired venue choice as it allowed for stunning wedding photos. After the ceremony, the couple went upstairs to read the vows to each other (generating a genuine mix of smiles and tears), then we all ended up at the Legion of Honor, part of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Hosted in a fantastic French neoclassical building, this grand space with views of the Golden Gate Bridge did not intimidate the couple for one second, on the contrary! Jane and Ron laughed, joked and even danced in front of the camera looking super relaxed and loving every moment of it. 

After our photo session, Jane and Ron returned to their daily activities and went to pick up the kids from school, a great reason for taking some family photos. 

On a sunny fall day my camera captured two strong and courageous people…because “being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage”.  Meet Jane and Ron and see how happiness looks like. 

Thank you, Jane and Ron; I am so grateful to be the one selected to document it all.

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