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Laguna Beach has a double meaning for Linda and Dave. It was here that he proposed to his sweetheart.  Getting her to this location was a tough task that required a few white lies and some high-quality story-telling.  And then one year later, Linda and Dave couple got married in the same Sunshine State little town, at the gorgeous Seven4One boutique hotel in Laguna. It was multi-cultural perfection.

There is one phrase coming from the couple that stayed with me even after their big day: "For the two of us, home isn't a place. It is a person. And we are finally home." After hearing their story, I totally got the meaning of it.

Linda and Dave met in Hong Kong, an overwhelming melting pot where finding a kindred soul can be really tough. Nonetheless, they made it. They both knew exactly what they were looking for and eventually met right in the “midst of madness”. Considering it was quite challenging to find each other in the busy, crazy world they lived in, meeting and falling in love was somehow magical. 

From the very first moment he set his eyes on her, Dave knew Linda was the one.  He was surprised, yet secretly thrilled, that a woman like her had not been snapped yet.  All he knew was he would not let her go. His aim was to convince this fascinating lady he was her Prince Charming. And he did. One year later she finally said YES. 

Ever since they met they traveled around the globe. 10 countries in 12 months.  Encountered and bonded with new people. Learned the ins and outs of each other’s brains. Noting the right things to say. And the wrong things not to say.  Occasionally falling down, then helping each other up.

On their big day, Linda looked absolutely stunning in her two outfits: a traditional red Vietnamese dress for the ceremony (with Dave matching her in an equally traditional attire), and a demure strapless lace dress for the reception.  

Seven4One, the modern venue with rustic touches, was only a few steps away from the beach. The wedding was intimate, chic and elegant. All the guests were in high spirits. And Linda and Dave looked over the moon.  Dave let his emotions show throughout the day which was rather sweet.

They say the best feeling in the world is when the person you love loves you back. And this is the exact feeling I got to immortalize that day. 

Palm trees, sand, sunset and a wonderful couple surrounded by their closest friends and family. What a truly amazing day for two amazing people. Linda and Dave, thank you for bringing me to California and trusting me to photograph your wedding in Laguna Beach.   I will always have a special place for you two in my heart.  And MAN can you and your crew shake bootie!!

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