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Wedding Photographer Madison Square Park
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A wedding in Madison Square Park

SiJing + Justin

Madison Square Park Wedding

The main ingredients for a memorable wedding party are the happy people, the entertainment, and lots of love. And to me, Sijing and Justin’s wedding had the right amount of each, becoming a day I will always remember.

They say everyone has a soul mate somewhere in the world, but unfortunately not everyone ends up meeting that person. Karma seems to have been generous to Sijing and Justin making them meet, fall in love, and eventually get married. These guys really seem made for each other: they both are adventurous, love travels, romantic tragedies and food (they also happen to be huge Bourdain fans), and you could often find them wandering around the city, grazing savory stuff. In fact, anyone’s chips would be in danger with Sijing around. They are pretty laidback and enjoy casual get-togethers with friends and family rather than big, formal events. Which is how they planned their wedding.

Their wedding ceremony was held in a rather busy place – Madison Square Park, with four of their friends holding each pole of the chuppah. It was a day filled with emotions and happiness, which ended with an intimate reception in the basement of a NY restaurant. The venue may have been tight, but I must admit it was the scene for one of the wildest and sweatiest nights I’ve ever witnessed.  

Feel free to browse the photo gallery above for some fun shots I took during that day (and especially that night!).

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