SK + Mathias

Goa, India

Saikirthi (SK) + Mathias live in Hong Kong, therefore, we never had a chance to meet them before their destination wedding in Goa, India. And by the end of the 3 day wedding celebration, we felt like we have known them all of our lives. One of our favorite parts was after the wedding, swimming in the pool with Mathias and reminiscing about the great time we all had.

On day one, we were blown away during the poolside dinner when SK + Mathias performed their welcome song to the guests. During the second day, the Sangeet was over the top glamorous with Bollywood movie signs, a red carpet, and amazing performances by everyone. And on the final wedding day, the day was filled with traditional ceremonies, a giant elephant, and the night ended with one of the best performances we have ever seen from a groom. Mathias sang the song he wrote for his proposal to SK. It was a perfect ending!

We feel extremely thankful that they invited us across the world to document their 3 day wedding celebration in the Lalit Intercontinental Goa Resort. During the whole time, we felt like part of the family. And before we went back home, we were happy to be invited by Mathias' parents into the "Swedish Headquarters" to hangout over mixed drinks and snacks.

SK + Mathias: Thank you for allowing us to be part of your amazing 3 day celebration! :) I promise to visit you guys soon in Hong Kong.

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