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Neha + Chris

Skytop Lodge Wedding

Neha and Chris’s Skytop Lodge wedding was epic in every way. Photographing Indian weddings, yes, a blessing, but also a huge adrenaline rush. I want to capture literally everything because there are so many details, beautiful people and unique moments that are camera-worthy. 

As with every Indian wedding, this was a feast for the eyes (and lens): from the amazing fusion of vivid colors, the intricate saris, elaborate jewelry and stunning henna designs on ladies’ hands, to the extravagant ceremonies and rituals, to the endless faces (Indian weddings surely have the highest numbers of guests ever!), it was all stunning. 

Neha and Chris met when many would have only wanted to hide under their warm blankets: during the January 2016 blizzard. They were both feeling the cabin fever, so they decided it was the right rime to be adventurous and meet someone new. Once they matched on a dating app, they realized they actually lived in the same neighborhood. Chris made use of a secret weapon, his sense of humor, and lured Neha out of her apartment with a funny vintage photo of an old lady wearing a snow cone mask to shield her from the wind and snow. They met, played skee-ball, Neha crushed her date (or, if you prefer, Chris let her win), and the rest is history. 

That sense of humor, and Neha’s beautiful laughter, were the leitmotif of this memorable wedding and, implicitly, their photos. Chris took all his Indian wedding tasks very seriously and looked super-confident throughout every ceremony (in fact, one of Neha’s fondest memories is Chris doing his rockstar dance moves during his Baraat, the traditional groom’s procession). 

Skytop Lodge, their chosen wedding venue, was epic, to say the least. It offered so many killer photo ops, that I really felt spoilt for choice. From the romantic lake to the lush greeneries and breathtaking gardens, this paradise served as the ultimate background for this gorgeous couple.

I will be honest, Indian weddings ARE a lot of hard work for the photographer, as they include hundreds of guests and span multiple days, but every second is worth it. With its incredible artistry and opulent detailing this wedding was a real treat to shoot.

Neha and Chris, I was so honored you chose me to document your colorful explosion of happiness.   I absolutely loved every second of it! 

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