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Wedding Photography Stony Hill Inn
Wedding Photographer Stony Hill Inn
Wedding photos in Stony Hill Inn
A wedding in Stony Hill Inn

Laura + Charlie

Stony Hill Inn Wedding

I am extremely lucky. The people that I meet for work are at their happiest, looking forward to getting married and starting a new chapter in their lives. Their happiness is contagious, but I love being the carrier.

While listening to every couple’s love story, I make up my own movie about how they met, their first date, the proposal, etc.  Upon hearing Laura and Charlie’s story, Jerry Maguire came to mind. The movie, that is. The most memorable phrases in the iconic box office hit echoed instantly inside my head when they spoke about how they met and how they felt about each other. Yes, “You had me at hello” and “You complete me” are all about Laura and Charlie. 

They found each other on and fell in love before they even met. Charlie told Laura over the phone “he would marry her just for her laugh”. She sounded like his definition of perfect so, ever since, her voice has been his favorite sound and her name, his favorite noun. 

They share the same passions (a love for the outdoors, animals and adventure), and they fully complement each other. Laura says her hubby is good at everything she stinks at, and vice versa (that’s one hell of a Match, don’t you think?). They are incredibly supportive of each other and know how to make each other laugh. Speaking of which, their wedding day was a very happy one, despite the groom crying through most of it. But you know what they say: “crying does not mean a man is weak. It means he has a heart”.

The couple chose to tie the knot at the Stony Hill Inn, one of the best wedding halls in Bergen County NJ. Established in 1818 and situated in an old Dutch homestead, this classy venue has the subtle elegance of a by-gone era and oozes old luxury. The ballroom, with opulent chandeliers and marble dance floor looked majestic, and the food and service were impeccable. Their choice could not have been better.

From the getting ready shots to the moment they were pronounced husband and wife to the end of their beautiful wedding day, my camera followed closely this happy couple and all I could breathe in from behind the lens was love and an immense joy. 

Ladies and gentlemen, meet beaming Laura and emotional Charlie as you view their wedding photos above.

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