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Wedding Photographer Terrace On The Park
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A wedding in Terrace On The Park

Shaun + JD

Terrace On The Park Wedding

"The skies will sing, love is a song for two... because my song is your song!” This is Shaun and J.D.’s down-the-aisle Israeli song refrain which pretty much summed up the grooms’ feelings for each other. 

They wanted to pick a significant date for their wedding, so they decided to tie the knot on June 26, the day when the U.S. Supreme Court made same-sex marriage a right nationwide. Being also the day of the New York Gay Pride, this was the most symbolic date in the calendar for the Shaun and JD to commit to each other for the rest of their lives. So they did, at the charming Terrace on the Park set on the iconic grounds of the New York World’s Fair. 

Shaun and J.D. like to call their first date “nerdy but romantic”. It happened at the Genealogy Library of the Center for Jewish History where J.D. works as a librarian. They helped each other look through databases in Hebrew and English, checking information about historical family documents.  After doing some research, they dined and dog-walked for a while, ending the evening with a romantic walk along the East River and under the Brooklyn Bridge. It all started that winter day. 

Looking at their relationship today, the two grooms are infinitely grateful to the destiny that brought them together. The way they have always complemented each other’s nerdiness, weirdness, and unique personalities was an important sign for them that they were headed toward happily ever after. Both Shaun and J.D. were extremely excited about starting a family and being together for the rest of their lives. And this happiness could be felt the day I photographed them. 

For the ceremony, the grooms wore delicate boutonnières on their dapper gray and electric blue suits. Their friends and family decorated the chuppah with gorgeous white and blue flowers, and you could tell everyone was so happy for them. They had it all: a butterfly wedding theme, well-wishing speeches that brought a few tears, and a surprise dancer in a butterfly costume.  This was a lovely party where all the guests were involved in a pure celebration of love.

The elegant wedding venue, Terrace on the Park, provided gorgeous views of the Unisphere in Flushing Meadow Park for their wedding portraits.

I feel pretty lucky Shaun and JD allowed me to share in one of their biggest adventures yet.  Thank you for inviting me along! 

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