Thayer Hotel (West Point) Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography Thayer Hotel (West Point)
Wedding Photographer Thayer Hotel (West Point)
Wedding photos in Thayer Hotel (West Point)
A wedding in Thayer Hotel (West Point)

Alexandra + Will

Thayer Hotel (West Point) Wedding

Alexandra and Will met completely by chance, but fell in love on purpose, and their joyful wedding at the Thayer Hotel in West Point, NY is only proof that nothing happens by chance in life. They were meant to come across each other against many odds, fall in love, get married, and thankfully asked me to be their wedding photographer. 

Strangely enough, Alexandra and Will met after a series of chance events, six year before their big day.  Neither of them was supposed to end up in that Moscow club on that stormy night. Yet, they did. Alexandra’s friend convinced her to go out that evening (even if she had vowed to spend the rest of the day at home after being caught in a torrential downpour), while Will arrived at the club after attending a co-worker’s birthday party. He saw Alexandra, started talking to her, and here they are today. Husband and wife. 

They started dating and soon realized they shared a strong sense of humor and an appreciation for kittens and air conditioning (literally, the essential basics to start a love story). They became inseparable and started working on their biggest project: traveling the world together and making it their own (in fact, they are so passionate about traveling that they made this hobby their wedding theme – check out the props they used to decorate the ceremony space and their airplane wedding cake).

Alexandra and Will chose to tie the knot at the historic Thayer Hotel in West Point, NY. Since both Will’s dad and grandfather went to this famous military base, the venue had great sentimental value for the groom. Boasting a majestic hilltop location, the Thayer delights with its Gothic architecture and jaw-dropping views of the Hudson River providing a romantic setting for any wedding. 

Right after the ceremony, we had to rush inside because it started to rain, but the wedding party saw this as a sign of good fortune for the couple, so nobody really minded it.  I was just thankful I managed to shoot the whole ceremony, including the couple’s first official kiss and hand-in-hand walk as Mr. and Mrs., just before the first drops. 

That day Will and Alexandra looked under each other’s spell and were ecstatic to share their happiness with family and friends. They won me over with their sense of humor and cheekiness, and I tried my best to capture their amazing chemistry and joy.  Take a look at their wedding photos above to see what I mean. 

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