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Cathy + Clifton

The Carltun Wedding

An important part of my process as a storyteller and wedding photographer is knowing my clients.  Getting a sense of who they are, who they love most, and what excites them. Knowing all this helps me capture betting wedding photos, but a pretty great side effect is that I also end up with new friends!

There was no holding back on how excited everyone was for Cathy and Clifton’s wedding ceremony and reception at the Carltun in Eisenhower Park. 

Four years to this memorable day, Cathy and Clifton met at the NY nightclub Lavo thanks to their mutual friend, George (and the man was shown extra gratitude by being chosen to officiate his friends’ big day). The moment the two realized they were both from Queens, Clifton crafted what proved to be a clever plan. With the excuse of counting the friends they had in common, he turned on his iPhone screen and sneakily Facebook-friended Cathy. And there she was, stepping into his life to stay.

What followed developed into a beautiful romance: they traveled, drank wine together, and fell madly in love. A trip to Barcelona sealed the deal: at the romantic El Celler de Can Roca restaurant Clifton chugged some bubbly, got on one knee and asked Cathy to stand by his side for the rest of her life. She felt the happiest and luckiest woman on the planet. 

From the immaculate ceremony patio and spectacular arch adorned with white wisteria and pink roses to the decadent ballroom with elegant wooden floors and opulent crystal chandeliers, the couple could not have asked for a more picturesque setting for their big day. Cathy and Clifton looked picture-perfect in their two sets of wedding outfits: Cathy in a gorgeous strapless white gown and the de rigueur traditional red dress, and Clifton in a black suit followed by a dapper midnight blue tux. There was delicious food accompanied by lots of Dom Perignon (these guys know their bubbles well), great music that got all the guests moving, and lots of positive energy that kept me charged for days. 

Thank you for giving me a glimpse into your beautiful circle of friends.  Cathy and Clifton, I love you guys. I'm so grateful for your friendship, and so darn happy that you have found each other. 

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